1989 – 1990

The platform game was developed by Core Design and released in 1989. The game was followed by a sequel in 1990.


It’s 1945 and our hero, British agent Rick Dangerous, is headed to the Amazon jungle to seek out the mysterious Goolu tribe. But his plane goes down, and Rick has to make a break for it to escape the wrath of the Goolu.

Different worlds

First level is in Amazon jungle, second level in Egypt, third level in Schwarzendumpf castle, and the fourth level in a nazi missile base.

Rick’s got some serious skills – he can jump, climb and carry a few sticks of dynamite and a gun for taking out enemies. He’s also got a trick up his sleeve – his pogo stick can paralyze enemies, while the dynamite can be used to solve puzzles. Plus, any traps that Rick gets caught in can also take out his enemies – so it’s a win-win! So, if you’re ever looking for a hero to save the day, Rick’s your guy.

This was my favorite game back in 1989, and when the sequal was released in 1990. I played many hour just to get to the next level in each world.

I live in Greenland, and we didn’t have any shops or stores with computer games, so I got this from Denmark to my Commodore 64. It took for ever just to load this great game from tape.

The first release with four worlds are now finished, and the work on the sequel version is ongoing. When this is finished, then I will release PC, Mac, Android and iOS version for FREE.

To help me to keep working on this project, you can donate:

Rick Dangerous Remake Project started

Graphics for first release started

First level design finished

Second level design finished

Third level design finished

Fourth level design finished

Playing test

First release published.

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